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Action Research Communities for language teachers 


Action research facilitates the development of reflective classroom practice by linking professional networks, academic expertise and good practice in the language classroom. The website offers resources for teachers and teacher educators supporting the quality of teaching and strengthening teacher confidence. 

Things you can read…

Negotiating Identity in Modern Foreign Language Teaching 

Editors: Gallardo, Matilde (Ed.) (2019)  

The book examines modern foreign language teachers who research their own and others’ experiences of identity construction in the context of living and teaching in UK institutions, primarily in the Higher Education sector. 


Research tasks on identity in language learning and teaching 

Bonny Norton  and Peter I. De Costa  (2017) (open access) 

The authors first examine how theories of identity have developed, and present a theoretical toolkit that might help scholars negotiate the fast evolving research area. In the second section, they present three broad and interrelated research questions relevant to identity in language learning and teaching, and describe nine research tasks that arise from the questions outlined. In the final section, they provide readers with a methodology toolkit to help carry out the research tasks discussed in the second section. 


European Journal of Language Policy / Revue européenne de politique linguistique 

 A peer-reviewed journal published by Liverpool University Press in association with the Conseil Européen pour les langues / European Language CouncilThe journal aims to address major developments in language policy from a European perspective, regarding multilingualism and the diversity of languages as valuable assets in the culture, politics and economics of twenty-first century societies. The journal’s primary focus is on Europe, broadly understood, but it is alert to policy developments in the wider world. 


Why should linguistic diversity be maintained and supported in Europe? Some arguments 

 Tove SKUTNABB-KANGAS, University of Roskilde, 2002 

This is a timeless piece comparing linguistic diversity to bio-diversity; the importance of preserving the latter is comparable to preserving the diversity of languages around us. 

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Association of University Language Communities in the UK and Ireland 

AULC has more than 70 institutional members, including over 60 higher education institutions (HEIs) from the UK, seven from the Republic of Ireland and three other organisations. 

One Voice for Languages 

What we believe: Languages are essential, valuable and exciting.  
What we want: Language issues to be raised at the highest levels of government and to be brought to the consciousness of the country as a whole. 
What we will do: Act as a rallying point and a powerful voice for all interested in language issues in Ireland.