The HELECs project recognises the diversity in language education in HE in Ireland with regard to the languages taught, the structure of language education units and the roles of language educators within their institutions. Communication between these individuals and units is essential to development of practices within units and across the system. Dialogue and cooperation among this disparate group may also lead to a further professionalization of the discipline of language teaching in Higher Education whereby language educators can interact with colleagues to better conceptualize the role of language educator in HEIs. The domain of Professional Communication and Cooperation emphasises the importance of an individual language educator’s competences in exchanging ideas on best practice, and fostering communities of language practitioners within the discipline of language education. Key skills in this area include networking, written/verbal/visual communication and dissemination of best practice.


Demonstrates curiosity about language teaching practices of other language educators

Can informally exchange ideas on language teaching practice with other language educators within their institution


Can exchange ideas on language teaching practice with other language educators outside of their institution e.g. by attending and organising workshops or seminars.

Participates in teaching and learning communities relating to the language they teach.

Can mentor (formally or informally) less experienced language educators.


Can collaborate with experts in other domains to develop subject-specific language programmes.

Can disseminate good practice in language education (e.g. professional and research conference presentation, published teaching material, research papers).

Can contribute to the development of language policies.

Can develop teaching and learning communities and collaborate with colleagues in other institutions and organisations in language education.

Can exploit international HE educational connections to promote language learning and intercultural communication competences.